Your Donations Helped the Flick Family

Zachary Flick is a 35-year-old former firefighter with the City of Hamilton Fire Department in Ohio. He lives with his wife and their four children. In 2019, Zach was in a car accident which resulted in 2 hip surgeries and a major back surgery. Unfortunately, even after these surgeries, Zach still cannot do much physical labor, so he was medically discharged from the fire service in April 2022.

The Flick family is now in the midst of reimagining their future. Earlier this summer, the family applied for assistance, and the board voted to support the Flicks by covering two mortgage payments, a car loan payment and a telephone bill, which totaled $6,650.00.

Flick Family

“The amount of help and support the Fire Family Foundation has given my family is extremely generous! We could never thank them enough for all the love and care they have shown during a challenging time in our lives! We will forever be grateful and thankful!”

The Flicks  

Your donations made this nearly $7,000 grant to the Flick family possible. Thank you!