2023 Scholarship Recipients

These recipients had an average grade point average of 4.02, come from seven different states including Arizona, California, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia. The recipients are or soon will be attending Arizona State University, Dartmouth College, Indiana University Purdue University, Spring Arbor University, UC Davis, University of California Los Angeles, University of Houston, University of Utah, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and West Virginia University.

The Board of Directors and staff of the Fire Family Foundation wish them all the best in the future.

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Aaliyah B

Aaliyah B.

Aaliyah B. is from Texas and is a sophomore at the University of Houston. Her hardworking firefighter father pushed her to challenge herself, which led her to earn a spot on her school’s dance tam while maintaining a spot on the Dean’s List as a Political Science major. She plans to attend law school after graduation.

Rachel B

Rachel B.

Rachel B. hails from California and is a junior at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her firefighter father’s positive attitude and work ethic has pushed her to excel during long hours at Children’s Hospital LA on top of a demanding course load. She plans to complete a Master of Nursing after completing her bachelors as she pursues a career as a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Audrey C

Audrey C.

Audrey C., an Oregon native, just completed her undergraduate degree in human physiology at the University of Oregon and is starting her master’s degree at the University of Utah in the fall. Her firefighter father taught her to be a good team player, which has allowed her to effectively lead her rowing team and her lab partners. She dreams of working as a professional sports trainer after graduation.

Taylor F

Taylor F.

Taylor F. hails from Virginia and is a freshman at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Her firefighter father taught her mental toughness and a dedication to the community, which has inspired her to mentor others at the youth development center he started. She plans to work as a nutritionist after graduation.

Madelynn M

Madelynn M.

Madelynn M. is from Arizona and is a junior at Arizona State University. Her firefighter father’s outgoing personality and dedication pushed her to become a resource for new students in her program while juggling the challenges of long hours of clinical work. She plans to continue serving others as a nurse practitioner in the future.

Cailin M

Cailin M.

Cailin M., an Illinois native, is pursuing her Master of Physician Assistant Studies at IUPUI. Her firefighter father instilled in her a passion for helping the community, which is why she helps coach high school swimmers and started a committee for student athletes. She hopes to work as a physician’s assistant for underserved communities in Indiana after graduation.

Anna R

Anna R.

Anna R. is from Virginia and is a sophomore at West Virginia University. Her retired firefighter father taught her to give more than she takes, which is why she serves her community by raising money for charity and volunteering with the student nurse association. She plans to gain ICU experience after getting her degree in nursing.

Klaire T

Klaire T.

Klaire T., an Oregon native, is a freshman at Dartmouth College. Her wildland firefighter father inspired her love of nature and the outdoors, which led her to her volunteer work with her science club. She hopes to be an environmental engineer after graduation.

Lillie V

Lillie V.

Lillie V. is from California and is a freshman at the University of California, Davis. Her firefighter father was injured on the job, which inspired her to start her own nonprofit to help connect the families of injured firefighters. Her father’s experience has also moved her to pursue a career in medical technology after graduation.

Camdyn W

Camdyn W.

Camdyn W. hails from Ohio and is a freshman at Spring Arbor University. Her firefighter father instilled resilience and hard work in her, allowing her to overcome vision issues to excel in school and be volleyball team captain. She plans to work with foster care children after graduation.


Each student received a $5,000 scholarship, with $50,000 awarded in total.

If you are the child of an active, retired, or fallen firefighter, you can apply for a scholarship next year! Bookmark our Scholarships page and check back in Spring for details.