2020 Scholarship Recipients

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These recipients had an average grade point average of 4.2 and they are or soon will be attending Arizona State University, Belmont University, Boston College, Harvard University, Kent State University, San Diego State University, University of California, San Diego, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Board of Directors and staff of the Fire Family Foundation wish them all the best in the future.

Bridget MacDonald

Bridget M.

Bridget, an Arizona native, is a junior criminology and criminal justice major at Arizona State University. Her firefighter father’s dedication and pursuit of education inspired her to pursue working for the FBI one day. She also works as a lifeguard, trains new lifeguards, and volunteers for fundraisers and events at her local fire department.

Amanda D

Amanda D.

Amanda is from Massachusetts and a junior at Boston College. She is a dual elementary education and communications major who serves as Vice President of her school’s Circle K service group, writes for her college life sciences journal, and edits the Stylus literary magazine. Her firefighter father inspired her to help others, which is why she plans to become a teacher after graduation.

Caitlyn G

Caitlyn G.

Caitlyn is a senior political science and history major at Boston College who is originally from Massachusetts. Her firefighter father inspired her to serve others, which is why, after graduation, she plans to attend law school so that she can become a civil rights attorney and fight for equality. She has already interned with her local governor and senator and mentors others through model United Nations and political clubs at school.

Catherine E

Catherine E.

Catherine, a California native, is a freshman at the University of California, San Diego. Her work as a youth swim instructor and her interest in science have inspired her to become a pediatric dentist one day. In high school, in addition to being on the volleyball, golf, and swim teams, she served as President of the American Red Cross Club and had over 200 hours of community service.

Emma F

Emma F.

Emma is from North Carolina and a sophomore at Harvard University. Inspired by her firefighter father’s hard work, she plans to work in medicine after graduation. She is deeply committed to her faith and serves as a leader and teacher on campus while also volunteering with her church.

Jacob R

Jacob R.

Jacob hails from Kansas and is a freshman at Belmont University. He plays drums, saxophone, piano, and guitar and performed with several different bands in high school. Like his father and grandfather before him, he is a volunteer firefighter. Jacob plans to work as an EMT while he’s in college and will become a career firefighter and part-time music teacher after graduation.

Lindsey J

Lindsey J.

Lindsey is a California native and a sophomore kinesiology major at San Diego State University. She is a dancer, tutor, and Girl Scout Gold Award recipient. Her firefighter father inspires her to hold herself to a high standard, which is why she plans to become either a physician’s assistant of pediatric occupational therapist.

Madison W

Madison W.

Madison is a freshman at Kent State University and a native of Ohio. In high school, she was flute section leader in the marching band, pep band, and concert band, while also serving as stage director for their drama club. Although a health condition prevents her from following her father and brother into firefighting, she plans to pursue a career that will allow her to change people’s lives in another way.

Morgan F

Morgan F.

Morgan hails from Wisconsin and is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was on the varsity cross country and soccer teams throughout high school and served as Captain for both teams her junior and senior years. She works as a lifeguard and youth soccer coach. Her firefighter father’s selflessness has inspired her to pursue a career as a physical therapist.

Samantha G

Samantha G.

Samantha is from Massachusetts and is a freshman at Harvard University. Her firefighter father’s life of sacrifice has inspired her to pursue a career in international government and promote peace. She recently interned with her local senator and has participated in model United Nations since the beginning of high school. She also started the International Club at her high school and served on her student council for three years.

Each student received a $5,000 scholarship, with $50,000 awarded in total.

If you are the child of an active, retired, or fallen firefighter, you can apply for a scholarship next year! Bookmark our Scholarships page and check back in Spring for details.