Firefighter Relief Recipients

Provides assistance to the fire family in need.

Thomas and family

The medical bill paid was a great relief for us at this moment. Thank you for helping me out."

Thomas, a retired firefighter from Chicago, was rushed to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. The procedure that his doctor ordered wasn't covered by his insurance.

Our donors helped pay for Thomas' medical bills so that he could focus on recovering at home with family.

Whisler family

"Your Foundation represents the true family within the fire service. Many thanks"

Alan, a firefighter, has a young son named Tyler who has been battling a brain tumor for 4 years. Tyler flies to a children's hospital for treatment every few months. The payments not covered by insurance quickly added up.

Our donors helped pay for some of Tyler's cancer treatment and eased the stress on this fire family.


"As a retired firefighter with PTSD, the last few years have been difficult. Your help is something huge to take stress off of us."

Ricky, a former firefighter who suffers from PTSD, wasn't able to work while receiving treatment. He needed help with his bills.

Our donors helped pay for Ricky's car payments for several months to ensure Ricky could get to his therapy appointments.