From September 9 - 14, 2022, Elizabeth Dever, Executive Director of the Fire Family Foundation, participated in a “Camino” – a journey of more than 100 kilometers (62+ miles) in Spain from Tui to Santiago de Compostela.

What started out as a walk with some friends and a way to see the countryside of Spain has now turned into a mission to raise funds to help firefighters in times of need. She and about 30 other people, including Fire Family Foundation Council member Martha Shankenberg, will hike 10 to 15 miles for six days in a row.

“This will be a physical challenge for me for sure, but I am hoping to learn more about myself, see Spain, and try to ‘be in the moment!’” said Dever. She continued, “If I am going to do something like this, I want it to be meaningful, and one way to do that is to raise funds for the Fire Family Foundation and the important work that we do!”